Dataset for: A Novel Amyloid Designable Scaffold and Potential Inhibitor Inspired by GAIIG of Amyloid Beta and the HIV-1 V3 loop

The GAIIG sequence, common to the amyloid beta peptide (residues 29-33) and to the HIV gp 120 (residues 24-28 in a typical V3 loop) self-assembles into amyloid fibrils as suggested by theory and experiments presented here. The longer YATGAIIGNII sequence from the V3 loop also self-assembles into amyloid fibrils of which the first three and the last two residues are outside the amyloid GAIIG core. We postulate that this sequence with suitable selected replacements at the flexible positions can serve as designable scaffold for novel amyloid-based materials. Moreover, the single X-ray crystal structure of the beta-breaker peptide GAIPIG at 1.05 Å resolution is reported. This structural information could serve as basis for structure-based design of potential inhibitors of amyloid formation.