Dataset for: Estimation of the Multivariate Conditional-Tail-Expectation for extreme risk levels: illustration on environmental data-sets

2018-08-07T06:27:08Z (GMT) by Elena Di Bernardino Clementine Prieur
This paper deals with the problem of estimating the Multivariate version of the Conditional-Tail-Expectation introduced by Di Bernardino et al. (2013) and Cousin and Di Bernardino (2014). We propose a new semi-parametric estimator for this risk measure, essentially based on statistical extrapolation techniques, well designed for extreme risk levels. We prove a central limit theorem for the obtained estimator. We illustrate the practical properties of our estimator on simulations. The performances of our new estimator are discussed and compared to the ones of the empirical Kendall's process based estimator, previously proposed in Di Bernardino and Prieur (2014). We conclude with two applications on real data-sets: rainfall measurements recorded at three stations located in the south of Paris (France) and the analysis of strong wind gusts in the north west of France.