Dataset for: Molecular evolution of proteins mediating mitochondrial fission-fusion dynamics

2019-08-01T13:58:22Z (GMT) by Sansrity Sinha Narayanan Manoj
Eukaryotes employ a subset of dynamins to mediate mitochondrial fusion and fission dynamics. Here we report the molecular evolution and diversification of the dynamin-related mitochondrial proteins that drive the fission (Drp1) and the fusion processes (mitofusin and Opa1). We demonstrate that the three paralogs emerged concurrently in an early mitochondriate eukaryotic ancestor. Furthermore, multiple independent duplication events from an ancestral bifunctional fission protein gave rise to specialized fission proteins. The evolutionary history of these proteins is marked by transformations that include independent gain and loss events occurring at the levels of entire genes, specific functional domains, and intronic regions. The domain level variations primarily comprise loss-gain of lineage specific domains that are present in the terminal regions of the sequences.