Supplement 1. An R package to define, simulate, and analyze stochastic or variable development models.

2016-08-05T10:48:45Z (GMT) by Perry de Valpine

File List

varDev_0.5.tar.gz -- R package for defining, simulating, and analyzing stochastic or variable development tools


This package is in standard R package format as of R version 2.8.1. Follow instructions from R for installing R packages. The package contains documentation in the standard R format as well as a "vignette" pdf file that uses Example 1 from the paper as an example of how to use the package. To see the vignette, type "vignette(varDev)" after "library(varDev)". This package is a first version and numbered as version 0.5 to indicate that it has not been extensively tested. Example 2 in the paper required additional code that is not provided in the package.

R itself can be downloaded from