Supplement 1. C++ program containing the algorithms to survey a square distribution and output results (presences/absences) formatted for autologistic regression with covariates.

File List

READMEcode.txt -- Description of the Surveys program.
Surveys.c -- C++ source code. -- Contains both described files plus the compiled program.


READMEcode.txt is a text file containing a description of the Surveys program.

Surveys(.c and .exe) is a C++ program that can be used to survey a known distribution (0 = absence, 1 = presence) on a square grid (currently set for 50 × 50) and create presence/absence sample data (in the form of an effort.g and response.y file) formatted for autologistic regression. Factors that can be changed are grid location (by x,y coordinates), grid size (number of cells), cell size, number of classes in a categorical variable, and the factors tested in this study: survey design (and associated parameters), species distribution (contiguity level), detection probability, and sample size. Tests of environmental data error effects were completed by modifying covariate data after a hypothetical distribution map was created. Run Surveys.exe without any arguments for argument order and detailed information.