Supplement 1. Data Quality Pedigree Calculator.

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This supplement contains a Microsoft Excel® 97 for Windows® workbook file, pedigree.xls, that supports the calculation of data quality pedigrees using the Microsoft Excel Visual Basic program referenced in Ellis et al. (2000).  This file includes the pedigree calculation program, and can be used to enter and calculate pedigrees for variables in standardized worksheets.  The file also includes an interactive demonstration using example worksheets to demonstrate the use of the pedigree calculation program and a blank standardized worksheet for entering and calculating pedigrees of one's own.  An html document, pedigree_manual, provides a manual for the use of the pedigree calculation program and demonstration worksheets in pedigree.xls.  We recommend printing the manual before using pedigree.xls so that it can be used while pedigree.xls occupies the entire computer screen.  Additional notes on the algorithms used by the pedigree calculation program in pedigree.xls are provided in an html document, pedigree_notes

The pedigree.xls file is designed to run on computers with MS Windows® 95, 98, NT 4.0 or higher, and Excel 97, 2000, or higher.  It should also run on Macintosh® computers with Microsoft Excel 98, but this has not been tested.  The demonstration works best on computers with screen settings of 1024 × 768 or greater and color is required.  When opening pedigree.xls in Excel, make sure to enable macros if queried about this.  To calculate variables using probability distributions (PDFs) and Monte Carlo simulation, @RISK® software for Excel (Palisade Corporation) must be installed.  However, this demonstration assumes that @RISK is not installed, and that variables will be represented by their mean values.