Supplement 1. Data and computer programs for fitting multinomial mixture models used in the main article.

2016-08-05T02:05:29Z (GMT) by J. Andrew Royle William A. Link

File List



The file frogindex.Rdump is an R dump file that contains 3 R objects. This file should be loaded into R by issuing the command source("frogindex.Rdump") from an active R session. This will yield 3 objects defined subsequently. The file frogindexmodel.fn is an R script containing the commands for fitting multinomial mixture models. Some familiarity with R or the S language is assumed. As an illustration, the model contained in the first row of Table 2 of Royle and Link is fitted and the resulting output is returned.

The remaining two objects are data matrices -- contains the Greenfrog calling index data. This is a matrix where rows index sample locations and columns index sample occasions. Missing values are indicated by "NA"
The file gf.temp contains the temperature covariate data, in the same matrix format [sites × occasions].