Supplement 1. Data files used to generate occupancy models in the main text.

File List

Appendix1_data_covariates.csv (MD5: c858dce6372990cf1033a5ff8201d006)

Appendix1_data_occupancy.csv (MD5: 684e75646bdbb00309b12cfa5d2d2c4c)


"Appendix1_data_covariates.csv" contains the values of the covariates used in the occupancy modeling.

"Appendix1_data_occupancy.csv" contains the occupancy data for the two fish species in each of the springs. Values of 0 represent instances where the species was not recorded during the survey and values of 1 represent presence of the species during the survey. Missing data are denoted with the symbol "-".

Occupancy data 2009–2013 was collected by Adam Kerezsy. Data is published in this manuscript by permission. While we're usually happy to share data, please contact the authors if you'd like to use our data so that we can provide the appropriate citation.