Supplement 1. Data matrices and R source code of the software used in the paper.

File List (MD5: 4fd3828969780f87ee17ac2c5ce60640)

Example_of_negative_binomial_sampling_error.pdf (MD5: 25738f0fe874ae2ea3ce38a7e931d7d5)

Benchmark_tests.R (MD5: 77b9f48830fbbc922c70ad9a782dd740)

Chiapas_dataset.csv (MD5: 1183bdcf5ae0a155731729fbc2648d0b)

Description package, with functions to implement ecological and biogeographical null model tests for comparing rarefaction curves.

Example_of_negative_binomial_sampling_error.pdf – R code to exemplify how a negative binomial error is added to the abundance counts every time a sample is randomly drawn from the simulated assemblage in the BiogTest randomization algorithm.

Benchmark_tests.R – R code used to run all benchmark tests.

Chiapas_dataset.csv – Data set of 224 circular 0.1-ha plots from tropical montane cloud forests in three mountainous regions of southern Mexico.