Supplement 1. Description of the data files used to analyze nurse plant survival and growth, test plant survival and growth, response of Ratibida pinnata to herbivory, and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi colonization and composition.

File List

Nurse_plant_growth_and_survival_2010_to_2012_data.csv (MD5: 2e847e7eaec86f301382d6f66f06e681)

Nurse_plant_growth_and_survival_2010_to_2012_column_description.csv (MD5: 5c8fa110b82d13d379e2dea8db57eaa4)

Test_plant_survival_and_growth_data.csv (MD5: e4533227b91105ca9195dbbeecf3f38b)

Test_plant_survival_and_growth_column_descriptions.csv (MD5: 46ccf66e56c6fc1cc4418e5c88d8ea48)

Ratibida_herbivory_data.csv (MD5: 16a729377316260b2ae36c0f6c103388)

Ratibida_herbivory_column_descriptions.csv (MD5: 5c8fa110b82d13d379e2dea8db57eaa4)

Field_colonization_data.csv (MD5: 328831a1489a08e5a3184049f59ac72d)

Field_colonization_data_column_descriptions.csv (MD5: 9d0ed08cba4bffeb30bc844faba081ea)

Field_spore_composition_data.csv (MD5: 6e001664334adf14c9c2943424be6796)

Field_spore_composition_data_column_descriptions.csv (MD5: 177608a01dc713174e62427001f48bd3)


The supplements provide access to the data used in the analyses reported in this paper. There were five separate analyses performed. Nurse plant survival and growth was analyzed without Ratibida pinnata, even though R. pinnata was a nurse plant. Because R. pinnata received heavy herbivory, it was analyzed separately. Sporobolus heterolepis, the test plant, was evaluated independent of nurse plant growth data. Finally, AMF colonization and AMF spore composition from field derived soils were analyzed separately, as well. Files that are labeled “xxxx data.csv” are the data files. These files have a “.” when a cell is blank. Files that are labeled “xxxx column description.csv” describe the column headings for the similarly named data file and report the checksum values for each column.