Supplement 1. Example R code illustrating the calculation of diversity profiles.

2016-08-09T11:45:32Z (GMT) by Tom Leinster Christina A. Cobbold

File List

DiversityProfileExample.r (md5: e3f0737ddb6e0342213d9c8d74751f85)
DeVriesAbundanceData.csv (md5: ee05019a200a451c06dc7144b9241498)
DeVriesSimilarityMatrix.csv (md5: f8768e30cf1abcbe9f539076ea816c41)


DiversityProfileExample.r contains code to reproduce Example 3 from the paper, which uses Butterfly data from DeVries et al (1997).

DeVriesAbundanceData.csv contains abundance data for Example 3.

DeVriesSimilarityMatrix.csv contains a similarity matrix for Example 3.