Supplement 1. Model implementation with Excel spreadsheet, Matlab, and Python script for ArcGIS.

File List

multisettlement_model_solver.m - contains:
- Hunting Mapper.tbx


analytical_spreadsheet_solver.xls* implements the simplest single settlement model in Microsoft Excel. It is designed to be easy to use on a platform familiar to non-technical users.

multisettlement_model_solver.m is commented Matlab Code to produce multisettlement maps, cumulative distribution functions, and calculate the global and local catch per unit effort. is a zip file containing ArcGIS toolbox extension and the required python scriptsWindows executable. The toolbox is called, Hunting Mapper.tbx, and it can call two scripts. One script,, implements the multisettlement steady state model, which makes it suitable for large spatial and temporal scales. The other script,, implements the numerical multisettlement model with diffusive source-sink dynamics. This model is computationally expensive, and it requires the user to input the annual population data for evey settlement. See Appendix E for further instructions.

* Please note: ESA cannot guarantee the accessibility of Excel files into the future due to the proprietary nature of the Excel format.