Supplement 1. R code for estimating models of rare-event protected species bycatch using WinBUGS.

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Supplement1_WinBUGS_code.R (MD5: 4d951eb09b779baaf882cef3df3d0993)


Supplement1_WinBUGS_code.R – This R code specifies several different models of the bycatch rate for leatherback turtles and humpback whales in the California drift gillnet fishery. The code uses packages R2WinBUGS and Coda within R to communicate with the WinBUGS program and generate posterior distributions for the model parameters. The code includes the raw data on observed fishing sets and bycatch events (takes) of these species for 1990-2009 from the fisheries observer program administered by NOAA Fisheries. Therefore, other users can run the section of code for each model and species and reproduce our model estimation results.