Supplement 1. R code for fitting the random-walk state-space model using particle filter MCMC.

2016-08-09T11:35:44Z (GMT) by Jonas Knape Perry de Valpine
<h2>File List</h2><blockquote> <a href="adaptiveMH.r">adaptiveMH.r</a> (md5: 1c7f3697e28dca0aceda63360930e29f)<br> <a href="adaptiveMHfuns.r">adaptiveMHfuns.r</a> (md5: cabc33a60ab779b954d853816c9e3cce)<br> <a href="PF.r">PF.r</a> (md5: eff6f6611833c86c1d1a8e8135af7e04) </blockquote><h2>Description</h2><blockquote> <p>adaptiveMH.r – Contains a script for fitting a random-walk model with drift for Kangaroo population dynamics on the log-scale using particle filtering Metropolis Hastings with an initial adaptive phase.</p> <p>adaptiveMHfuns.r – Contains functions that are used for estimating and handling the normal mixture proposals.</p> <p>PF.r – Contains functions that perform the particle filtering and define the model.</p> </blockquote>