Supplement 1. R code for tests of spatial pattern.

File List

baddeley.pdf (md5: 1d735f3218c0569e832b8d54d9158663)

baddeley.Rnw (md5: d1fb81b9cc5e1fcde730710808635964)

baddeley.R (md5: 519b4bdc17eebbf2a3d433b017000a51)


baddeley.pdf - Readable document showing R command input, resulting numerical output and figures, surrounded by explanatory text, as a formatted document. Generated automatically from baddeley.Rnw using the R command Sweave.

baddeley.Rnw - Original input file. A text file containing a mixture of computer code (in the R language) and explanatory text (in LaTeX format). This file can be processed automatically by the R command Sweave to generate all figures and results obtained in the paper.

baddeley.R - R script. Text file containing R code only, to generate all figures and results in the paper. Extracted from baddeley.Rnw automatically using the R command Stangle.