Supplement 1. R code to build the data set for analyses in E-SURGE.

File List

RcodeSupplement_Lagrangeetal.txt (MD5: ab662f6c84c3d21ec6268f9c75e5783f)

Partmetadata_Lagrangeetal.txt (MD5: 8f036984d66256ca5d06ac711804453c)


The RcodeSupplement_Lagrangeetal.txt file provides R code to convert the raw data in the format required to carry out the analyses in E-SURGE.

The Partmetadata_Lagrangeetal.txt file is a tab-separated file. It contains a part of the raw data on the captured Tree swallows with the localization, date and individual information.

Column definitions

  1. idclutch (concatenation of the capture year, number of the farm, number of the nest boxes and number of the nest)
  2. day (julian day of the capture)
  3. ring (ring of the bird)
  4. sex (genetic sex by default, otherwise morphological sex determining on the field)
  5. farm (farm number of the capture)
  6. year of the capture
  7. age (females: Second Year (SY) or After Second Year (ASY), males: After Hatching Year (AHY))