Supplement 1. R script files and data from both the field introduction and the mesocosm experiment to execute the models described in the manuscript and in Appendix E.

posted on 10.08.2016 by Chris H. Wilson, T. Trevor Caughlin, David J. Civitello, S. Luke Flory

File List

Gamma_Negbin_Fecund.R (MD5: 7cd8437e8cd555f777499ef6e3bc279e) -- # R code for fecundity predictions

NegBinFecund.R (MD5: fd282a2e324e20d7529bf51d2d2e14ef) -- # R code for seed model

Gamma_Biomass.R (MD5: 5926e4126625a807b86ebf3b48aa1b93) -- # R code for biomass model

generalBAYESIANcode.R (MD5: bce9894d372872da18a3ee5305f571f5) -- # R code for functions used in above code

garden.csv (MD5: 19d443db46af62e515e38ad07d8ee499) -- # Field introduction data

light_exp_seed.csv (MD5: ac8be1d03af3befc0e1f32e8c5311af8) -- # Mesocosm data


These files are provided to assist in reproduction of our modeling results using the statistical package R. The first supplement (Gamma_Negbin_Fecund) contains R code that jointly samples from the two data sets (garden.csv and light_exp_seed.csv) in order to create predictions of plant fecundity in the field. The hierarchical biomass model (Gamma_Biomass.R) and the seed production model (NegBinFecund.R) are also included separately.