Supplement 1. Raw mosquito abundance data for ground and elevated traps in 2005.

File List

data.txt -- (MD5: 5ac25e029ad9fce2071e7cd54642d474)


The file data.txt is a tab-separated file. It contains mosquito species abundance raw data from 2005, when traps where located both at ground and elevated. There are no missing values.

Column Definitions:

  1. Elevated or ground traps
  2. Sampled sites, abbreviations explained in main article
  3. Total number of trap-nights
  4. Culex restuans abundance
  5. Culex pipiens abundance
  6. Aedes vexans abundance
  7. Culiseta inornata abundance
  8. Anopheles punctipennis abundance
  9. Anopheles walkeri abundance
  10. Anopheles quadrimaculatusabundance
  11. Aedes (Ochlerotatus) triseriatus abundance
  12. Aedes (Ochlerotatus) trivittatus abundance
  13. Coquilletidia perturbans abundance
  14. Anopheles perplexens abundance
  15. Culex tarsalis abundance
  16. Uranotaenia sapphirina abundance

Checksum values are:

6697 for colums 4–16

422 for column 3

357 for column 6