Supplement 1. Recruitment facilitation model with source code and executable file for readers to use.

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Mussel_Recruitment_Model_description_and_source_code_June_2014.txt (MD5: e29281a06751245eda695b7b678b2243)

mussel_recruitment_model.exe (MD5: 0eee8f1d904aca658f2accbe8b13d636)


The Recruitment Facilitation Model allows the user to choose from four distinctly paired rules called "Edge" (recruitment facilitation at patch edge), "No Edge" (recruitment at any location), "Growth" (recruitment with bed growth), and "No Growth" (recruitment without bed growth), creating four possible scenarios. If desired, each of the four rules may be applied to a mussel bed where the user can spatially structure the probability of recruitment success, creating four additional scenarios.