Supplement 1. Site and specimen data collected during biodiversity inventories of the Hengduan Mountains region.

File List

Supplement_1.txt (md5: 7ce57a45aa2ade2476002a6ab018a005)


Supplement_1.txt is a tab-separated file. It contains specimen locality data, information on the mean trait and site-specific trait measurements of samples, and site descriptions.

1. expedition_name
2. latitude
3. longitude
4. lower_elevation
5. upper_elevation
6. locality_id
7. collector_number
8. species_epithet
9. habitat type
10. flower_color
11. phyllotaxy
12. spp. specific corolla tube range low
13. spp. specific corolla tube range high
14. spp. specific mean corolla tube
15. spp. specific galea beak range low
16. spp. specific galea beak range high
17. spp. specific galea beak mean
18. nectar presence or absence
19. bee orientation
20. position of stigma contact on bumble bees
21. habitat type 2
22. microhabitat
23. plant_description
24. locality_habitat