Supplement 1. Source genotyping data with nine microsatellite loci scored in Aedes aegypti samples from Queensland, Australia.

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final_Rasic_et_al_MS#13-1305R1_Supplement_1.txt (MD5: dda0cf9829bbf30d992229588b2efd73)


final_Rasic_et_al_MS#13-1305R1_Supplement_1.txt - Microsatellite genotyping data (in a tab delimited file format) for eight loci scored in 274 individuals from ten Aedes aegypti population in Queensland, Australia. Individual names listed in the first column and the population name in the second column. Fluorescent label color and microsatellite name are listed in the first row. Numbers represent fragment (allele) sizes as scored in GeneMarkerV2.2.0 (Softgenetics, State College, PA) with a LIZ 500 size standard.