Supplement 1. Supertree phylogeny files and taxonomic list.

File List - Supertree in Newick format.
sdlphy_phylo.nex - Supertree in Nexus format.
sdlphy_taxa.txt - Table of taxa.

Description, sdlphy_phylo.nex: These files contain the supertree (in different formats) that was used to generate the results in this paper. The tree was assembled using Phylomatic megatree R20040402 (backbone derived from Peter Stevens' APweb), and branch lengths were adjusted using the BLADJ algorithm of Phylocom (Webb, Ackerly, Kembel). The tree contains internal node names, and follows standard Newick and Nexus conventions (see Maddison et al. 1997. Syst. Bio. 46:590–621). The Nexus tree opens in MacClade v4.05 and Mesquite v1.05.

sdlphy_taxa.txt: Table of the codes used in the phylogeny files. TAB-delimined plain text; UNIX line endings; first row contains column names.