Supplement 1. Temperature and light data recorded at trap-nest sites, 2007–2010.

2016-08-10T16:25:04Z (GMT) by Jessica R. K. Forrest James D. Thomson

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Both files are tab-delimited text files. Temperatures (in degrees Celsius) were recorded in 2007–2008 using LogTag data-loggers, and in 2008–2010 using HOBO data-loggers. Light intensities (in lux) were recorded in 2008–2010 only, using HOBO data-loggers.

Column definitions:

1 = Date (as month/day/year)

2 = Time

3–17 (temp) or 3–14 (light) = Readings for each site

Readings were taken exactly hourly, but the recorded time is approximate (i.e., readings were taken within 30 minutes of the recorded times). Readings are missing for Brush Creek II from 9 June to 29 July 2009. Temperature data for this site in this time period were estimated based on regression on Cement Creek values. Temperature data from Kebler Clearing from 29 January to 17 May 2008 were estimated by regression on Splain’s Gulch values. Some sites were used only in one or two of three years; data are available only for those years. No data were recorded for Mt. Crested Butte and South Gothic after 15 August 2009.

Summed values for the data columns of the temp file are: 28392, 43952, 55221, 15973, 80330, 39066, 30501, 60154, 17183, 18883, 49978, 47573, 71088, 98163, 55691

Summed values for the data columns of the light file are: 92165014, 42158964, 89745126, 24987620, 94314584, 25272394, 75036913, 117798095, 68286899, 99209764, 34132375