Supplement 1. The R source code used to perform the simulation for estimating the effects of potential climate change on future masting behavior of valley oaks (Quercus lobata).

posted on 10.08.2016 by Walter D. Koenig, Johannes M. H. Knops, William J. Carmen, Ian S. Pearse

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Supplement_simulation.R (MD5: d3068d78e5f706fadc360e41f4fc06e3)


Program for simulating the effects of climate change (mean maximum spring temperature) on masting in valley oaks based on the relationships between temperature, phenological synchrony, and the acorn crop.

The program does 100 runs of 33 years, each designed to use the field data from Hastings Reservation, central coastal California. The code includes the relevant data for simulations and plots the estimated coefficient of variation (CV) in the acorn crop (as a percentage) as a function of the mean maximum spring temperature ranging from 16 to 22°C. See text of the paper for further details.