Supplement 1. The raw data used in statistical analyses of risk-sensitive reproductive allocation in reindeer (Rangifer tarandus).

File List

Metadata.pdf -- An explanation of the variables in the three data sets

Improved_(ExpI).txt -- Data for Experiment I

Reduced_(ExpII).txt -- Data for Experiment II

LongTermFeeding.txt -- Data for long-term feeding manipulation

Data.RData -- All three data sets as separate R objects -- All files at once


The present study was conducted on semi-domestic reindeer in East Finnmark, northern Norway. The study population, which includes two herds, is most of the time free-ranging. One of the herds has since 2000 been kept in a separate sub-area from February/March until post-calving in late May, and during this time the reindeer were given supplementary winter forage (commercial reindeer pellets). The other herd was free-ranging on natural pastures in all seasons. After the earmarking of calves (normally performed in late May) the two herds were mixed, and they utilized the same pastures until they separated again in January. See Metadata.pdf and main text for detailed descriptions of variables, study design, and experimental translocation of animals between the two herds.