Supplement 1. The relative potential impact of 50 stressors in 30 habitats in the Laurentian Great Lakes based on expert elicitation.

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gleam_survey_ms_supp1_score_matrix.csv (MD5: fa3b7c9cbf4efb2dd00d27b78e65a138)     Impact ratings (50 stressors x 30 habitats)


This file contains the potential impact of each of 50 environmental stressors on ecosystem condition in the Laurentian Great Lakes. Data were derived from two parts of an online survey completed by scientific researchers, natural resource managers, and non-governmental organization representatives. In one part (Part III of the survey; Appendix A), respondents ranked 20 hypothetical scenarios to derive weights for 5 components of ecosystem impact (spatial extent, temporal frequency, ecological scope, magnitude of change, and recovery time). In the other part (Part IV; Appendix A), respondents rated the 5 components for each stressor in their chosen focal lake(s) and ecosystem zone(s). A weighted sum was used to derive these 0 (no impact) - 5 (highest impact)range relative ratings.

In the data file, columns are environmental stressors (2 capital letters for category, and 3–4 lower case letters for stressor name); rows are habitats (lake–zone combinations). Abbreviations for lakes, zones, and stressors follow.

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