Supplement 2. Data for examples of selection ratio analysis on community aggregated traits (SRCAT).

2016-08-05T17:35:58Z (GMT) by Nathanael I. Lichti Michael T. Murphy
<h2>File List</h2><blockquote> <p><a href="pdxherbs.csv">pdxherbs.csv</a> -- Herb community data for Portland, Oregon greenspaces</p> </blockquote><h2>Description</h2><blockquote> <p>Data on the relative importance of 76 herb species in 47 forested greenspaces in Portland, Oregon, USA. The data are stored as a comma-separated text (.csv) file. The first row contains species codes and the first column contains site identifiers. The second column contains the variable popdens which is the population density in a 100-m buffer around each site (people/ha). The final 2 rows of the file contain dummy codes (0/1) indicating whether each species is native or nonnative to western Oregon.</p> <p>Checksum values are as follows:</p> -- TABLE: Please see in attached file. -- </blockquote>