Supplement 2. Function dispeRsal for predicting seed dispersal distances in R, and instructions for using dispeRsal.

File List

dispeRsal.rda (MD5: 3589cb5b047c9a44e83fd624dabbacad)

instructions.pdf (MD5: b5114a42cb9a0e1856e3fa87a3f8db89)


dispeRsal.rda – includes the function dispeRsal to predict maximum seed dispersal distances from simple plant traits in software R (R Development Core Team 2012) as well as a dataframe used for the predictive models, an example dataframe, a dataframe for assigning taxonomic families to orders and modified versions of the TPLck and TPL functions from the Taxonstand (Cayuela et al. 2012) package for handling synonymies in the data provided by the user. Full details and instructions for using dispeRsal can be found in the instructions file.

instructions.pdf – detailed instructions for using dispeRsal function to predict maximum seed dispersal distances with confidence intervals for user’s own data sets.

Future updates of the tool and the underlying data can be found on a webpage at To achieve ongoing improvements to the models, we ask the research community to contact us with further data on measured seed dispersal distances and associated plant traits.