Supplement 2. The Matlab source code containing the optimization algorithm of pollen morphology used in this paper, and a short description of the program.

File List

pollen_optimization.m -- (MD5: d24091e4790ac8d987991bf27ee743fb)

num_int_ell.m -- (MD5: 60c749bee5938bb138447ecabce826ed)

newnumint2.m -- (MD5: c77139938b0734a8cbb0e8e59e1ba2df)

grule2dgen.m -- (MD5: 5beca3e5899d4fd3db3eced617ea4ba9)

grule.m -- (MD5: 690023ef7e1549a8f2820cc056ca5e9c)

gquad2dgen.m -- (MD5: 1e951611314354c760d7c1130e677a4b)

gquad.m -- (MD5: b9e62facef85dedf2041c5854c938a88)

dehydration.m -- (MD5: 433c4f74bd906abdc633521cbb2f5c2e)


The code included in pollen_optimization.m allows one to calculate fitness landscape on the polar-equatorial axis plane according to formula 13 given in the model description. To run the program place file pollen_optimization.m with functions: num_int_ell.m, newnumint2.m, grule2dgen.m, grule.m, gquad2dgen.m, gquad.m, dehydration.m in one folder and run pollen_optimization.m under MATLAB with Statistic and Symbolic Math Toolbox. All variables used in the program were described in pollen_optimization.m.