Supplement 3. Complete relative importance values for five nitrogen fertilization treatments at Cedar Creek.

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Supplement3.csv (MD5: d527703cfbd627caee9063fa3f25ddd3)


Relative importance values (RIVs) of weather variables for native, exotic, and total species (A) richness and (B) Shannon diversity (H') for Cedar Creek by annual nitrogen (g N·m-2·yr-1) fertilization treatments. RIVs are calculated as the sum of Akaike weights (wi) across all models in which a given variable appeared for each nitrogen fertilization treatment. See Appendix B for description of all a priori models and Supplement 2 for all results of AICc analyses. CV = coefficient of variation, sum = summer, spr = spring, win = winter, PPT = precipitation, TEMP = temperature, t_1 = season preceding growing season (spring and summer) when plants were sampled, mn = micronutrients.