Supplement 3. Mean values for six floral traits measured on 117 species of Pedicularis.

File List

Supplement_3.txt (md5: 58fcc20cb35347b6d564a5007cfeda9e)


Supplement_3.txt is a tab-separated file. It contains trait values used for species level analyses.

1. species name
2. phyllotaxy
3. corolla tube range low
4. corolla tube range high
5. corolla tube mean
6. galea beak range low
7. galea beak range high
8. galea beak mean
9. presence/absence of nectar
10. position of stigma contact on bumble bee
11. orientation of bumble bee
12. most common corolla color
13. alternate coding of stigma contact position
14. pollination observed vs. inferred