Supplement 5. Complete relative importance values for Konza Prairie.

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Supplement5.csv (MD5: cc3c36117e8b123bb98e25cbc84719c2)


Relative importance values (RIVs) of weather variables for total species (A) richness and (B) Shannon diversity (H') from the Konza Prairie fire return interval experiment, bison grazing experiment, and season of burn experiment. RIVs are calculated as the sum of Akaike weights (wi) across all models in which a given variable appeared for each fire return interval, bison grazing, or season of burn. See Appendix B for description of all a priori models and Supplement 4 for all results of AICc analyses. CV = coefficient of variation, sum = summer, spr = spring, win = winter, PPT = precipitation, TEMP = temperature, t_1 = season preceding growing season (spring and summer) when plants were sampled.