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Dataset for: Comments on Schoenberg et al. (2003)

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posted on 01.08.2019 by Hamid Ghorbani
This article comments on: Schoenberg FP, et al., On the distribution of wildfire sizes. Environmetrics. 2003;14:e605. These comments are mainly about both numerical and visual goodness-of-fit criteria, used for comparing the performance of candidate distributions for wildfire sizes. \textcolor{blue}{ First the ML estimate of the half-normal distribution and its corresponding goodness-of-fit criterions are corrected. Then the given values of the Akaike Information Criterion (AIC) for all fitted models are modified. Furthermore, some comments on the inappropriateness of naming the proposed statistic under the ‘Cram\'{e}r–von-Mises (C-vM) statistic' are given. After presenting the C-vM statistic, its values and the corresponding p-values, which show the goodness of fitted proposed distributions for describing the data, are calculated}. At the end, the asymptotic confidence bounds for the 'fitted comparison-line' in QQ-plots of two best fitted distributions, are given. Comparing these asymptotic bounds with their counterparts in \citeNP{Schoen2003}, named 'confidence bounds based on Monte Carlo simulation', bear great similarity in the position of the end points, while creating them cost relatively much cheaper computations.