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Dataset for: Comparing the acute toxicity of imidacloprid to alternative systemic insecticides in the aquatic insect, Chironomus dilutus.

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posted on 2022-01-24, 17:11 authored by Erin M Maloney, Hunter Sykes, Christy Morrissey, Kerry M. Peru, John V. Headley, Karsten Liber
Acute (96 h) toxicities of five systemic insecticides (chlorantraniliprole, cyantraniliprole, flupyradifurone, flubendiamide, and sulfoxaflor) were tested on larval Chironomus dilutus and compared to the neonicotinoid, imidacloprid. Three insecticides were less acutely toxic than imidacloprid (2.5 - 25 times lower). However, chlorantraniliprole and cyantraniliprole were 1.5 - 1.8 times more toxic to C. dilutus. Thus, these ryanodine receptor agonists could pose a higher risk to aquatic insects than their neonicotinoid predecessors, warranting further studies.