Data: Improving the Performance of J-modulated ADEQUATE Experiments Through Homonuclear Decoupling and Non-Uniform Sampling

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posted on 2016-07-14, 19:16 authored by Dr. Josep Sauri, Dr. Teodor Parella, Dr. R. Thomas Williamson, Dr. Gary E. Martin Ph. D.

Homonuclear 13C-13C couplings at natural abundance can be measured using the J-modulated ADEQUATE experiment. To somewhat ameliorate F1 digitization requirements, a scaling factor was incorporated into the original pulse sequence. Non-Uniform Sampling (NUS) provides an obvious avenue to further facilitate the acquisition of 1JCC and nJCC homonuclear coupling constant data. We introduce homonuclear decoupling (HD) analogous to that described for the 1,1- and 1,n-HD-ADEQUATE experiments and evaluate the combination of NUS and homonuclear decoupling on the acquisition of both 1JCC and nJCC homonuclear 13C-13C coupling constants using ibuprofen as a model compound.