Supplement 1. Annotated MATLAB code for the garlic mustard time series simulations (Fig. 2), bifurcation diagrams (Figs. 3 and 5), and sensitivity analysis (Fig. 4).

File List

gm_base.m (MD5: e7fb5521368309b82bb6de5aab9a34af)

gm_eq.m (MD5: 47369b5cbd71dd1046156b5ff0d3614a)

gm_perturb.m (MD5: 3cf150712150c71d91a9c98273da1335)

padcat.m (MD5: 983d735ada7f82d76a002ceeb2ab68f1)

rev_blkdiag.m (MD5: 5a944cdf632c571e23607a740d5d3b5b)

unique_no_sort.m (MD5: 0f4724bec6aa5e951b0dfa98339a3f5f)


gm_base.m - Base code to produce time series (Fig. 2) or bifurcation diagrams (Figs. 3 and 5) for the seasonal garlic mustard model.

gm_eq.m - A slightly modified version of gm_base.m that returns all the seasonal population vectors in the seasonal 8-cycle (for the given management parameters).

gm_perturb.m - Code to perform sensitivity analyses for the seasonal garlic mustard model (Fig. 4).

padcat.m, rev_blkdiag.m, unique_no_sort.m - Functions used in the gm_perturb.m file.