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Supplement 1. British national grid XY coordinates of habitat patches, colony size data which give the number of individuals in a patch per year, and the OpenBUGS code for implementing the SPOM.

posted on 09.08.2016, 13:43 by Chris Sutherland, David A. Elston, Xavier Lambin

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XY_data.txt (MD5: 9174c10342b9d0d1d94397fa6ce5d4be)
local_pop_data.txt (MD5: 513ef66f95dbfc8629a07bccc97d9f9a)
SPOM_bugs.txt(MD5: b4156301e75a180d6138e43eb352daa9)


XY_data.txt: Site coordinates (x and y) on the British National Grid (BNG)
local_pop_data.txt: Total number of individuals trapped per site, per year.
SPOM_bugs: OpenBUGS code for the Stochastic Patch Occupancy Model that includes demographic stage structure and spatially correlated extinctions. The code provided includes a rescue effect.