Supplement 1. Data and code for the survival and competence dynamics model and estimate of proportion of larvae retained.

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Supplement_Model_code.txt (md5: 383aad018982f54b357e3b01e8d838d2)


The code provided in Supplement_Model_code.txt is for Davies Reef, based on the estimates from Black et al. (1990). For the other reefs, the same code must be run with the appropriate flushing rate (as detailed below).

For Davies Reef, the code for calibrating survival and competence parameters must be run separately for all species, before doing the regression between time to motility and proportion of larvae settling while retained. The code for each species is very similar. Here, we provide the data and code for Acropora gemmifera. Then, we provide the data for the other species and give instructions on how to change the A. gemmifera code to be run for each of the other species (as detailed below).