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Supplement 1. Data set for the bird communities.

posted on 05.08.2016, 04:44 by Sandrine Pavoine, Jacques Blondel, Michel Baguette, Daniel Chessel

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birds.txt -- data set for the analysis of bird communities


The data set consists of a data frame, with species as rows and sample sites as columns. Labels for the sites are codes : the first three letters indicate the local region ['Alg' (Algeria), 'Bur' (Burgundy), 'Cor' (Corsica), 'Pol' (Poland) and 'Pro' (Provence)] and numbers indicate the vegetation stage (from 1 bushy to 6 forested). From this data set, one can obtain the results given in the article by following the instructions provided in Appendix A. This data set comes from the combination of two studies whose references are given below :
Blondel, J., and H. Farré. 1988. The convergent trajectories of bird communities along ecological successions in European forests. Œcologia (Berlin) 75:83–93.
Abouheif, E. 1999. A method for testing the assumption of phylogenetic independence in comparative data. Evolutionary Ecology Research 1:895–909.