Supplement 1. Matlab codes for the inversion algorithm and the heterogeneous CENTURY model.

2016-08-10T17:10:38Z (GMT) by David C. Forney Daniel H. Rothman

File List

ReguILTv.m (MD5: cfc11d6c4e0ee77da1654507be85b19f)

ReguILTv.readme (MD5: 3472dcd6ce11cb1ca3184bd1b5e0b206)

CenturyMonteCarlo.m (MD5: e39ea2e9e33fe5ab2d2802861879a5ab)

CenturyMonteCarlo.readme (MD5: 5b164105cef994982f23302ccc883f32)

README (MD5: edd12c825a2664bebb919b803f7ccfaf)


The code ReguILT.m identifies the constrained regularized inverse Laplace transform of a decay time series g(t). The exit rate function is constrained such that mass cannot increase over time. Please see the help file ReguILT.README for its use and an example. The code CenturyMonteCarlo.m calculates the exit rate function v(ln k) associated with the Century model with heterogeneous pools. Please see the help file CenturyMonteCarlo.README for its use and an example. The general help file README contains this information.