Supplement 1. R code and input file used for all analyses and figure creation for the manuscript.

File List

Witman_et_al_supporting_R_Code.R (MD5: 097edee37ebd2107addc46b08514cb60) – R code for analysis of R.input.csv

R.input.csv (MD5: a3d430215057f178494b2b00ea9c0b7c) – Experiment review data


The supplements provided are intended to assist the reader in implementing the methods used for statistical analyses and figure creations for the manuscript. The first supplement (Witman_et_al_supporting_R_Code.R) provides the R code to implement. Included within the R code are descriptions for the use of each section of code for each particular analysis. The second supplement (R.input.csv) provides the data set for all studies included in the review of marine ecological experiments.