Supplement 1. R script and data to reproduce analyses of big sagebrush regeneration at leading and trailing edges of distribution shifts.

File List

README_Database.txt (MD5: 2c8929073dc6a5de187db7970acdc78f) (MD5: 62f6e606c8cfcdb441aa518981676590)

Rcode_Schlaepfer_BigSagebrushRegeneration_LeadingTrailingEdges.R (MD5: b1f2270ca68cc645e5a9cbd5f6fb958e)


README_Database.txt – Metadata explaining tables and fields of the database – SQL-lite database containing regenerations simulation results required for analyses
Rcode_Schlaepfer_BigSagebrushRegeneration_LeadingTrailingEdges.R – R code accessing and analyzing data contained in database