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Supplement 1. R script files and data from both the field introduction and the mesocosm experiment to execute the models described in the manuscript and in Appendix E.

posted on 10.08.2016, 08:55 by Chris H. Wilson, T. Trevor Caughlin, David J. Civitello, S. Luke Flory

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Gamma_Negbin_Fecund.R (MD5: 7cd8437e8cd555f777499ef6e3bc279e) -- # R code for fecundity predictions

NegBinFecund.R (MD5: fd282a2e324e20d7529bf51d2d2e14ef) -- # R code for seed model

Gamma_Biomass.R (MD5: 5926e4126625a807b86ebf3b48aa1b93) -- # R code for biomass model

generalBAYESIANcode.R (MD5: bce9894d372872da18a3ee5305f571f5) -- # R code for functions used in above code

garden.csv (MD5: 19d443db46af62e515e38ad07d8ee499) -- # Field introduction data

light_exp_seed.csv (MD5: ac8be1d03af3befc0e1f32e8c5311af8) -- # Mesocosm data


These files are provided to assist in reproduction of our modeling results using the statistical package R. The first supplement (Gamma_Negbin_Fecund) contains R code that jointly samples from the two data sets (garden.csv and light_exp_seed.csv) in order to create predictions of plant fecundity in the field. The hierarchical biomass model (Gamma_Biomass.R) and the seed production model (NegBinFecund.R) are also included separately.