Supplement 1. SCAMPS model code, parameters, and driver files.

File List

TLKmodel ver12.rtf (MD5: 9ad7b5dd41ce019153866e8545e64b2c)

ambient.csv (MD5: 71d8d08f844b68c444cf79e317c871e8)

summer warm.csv (MD5: 7748844c0cc7759f819c517b5172431a)

winter warm.csv (MD5: 454c16f03f750f78b242d46d5e508e75)

year round warm.csv (MD5: 204a3c91e28fac3789f1823f14676d99)

ver 12.par (MD5: 7ff047593bff86a11a8ffae530baa6d0)

ver 12 NO AC.par (MD5: 90d3ce6537b4dbaa0df12ae47bc7fbc2)


TLKmodel ver12.rtf (Code for model inPascal; compiled in Delphi 2007. Uses TMS Softwares TAdvstringgrid version; Runs on IBM compatible computers in Windows)
ambient.csv (temperature driver file)
summer warm.csv (temperature driver file)
winter warm.csv (temperature driver file)
year round warm.csv (temperature driver file)
ver 12.par (acclimating community parameter file)
ver 12 NO AC.par (non-acclimating community parameter file; same as ver 12.par, only x parameter set to 0)