Supplement 1. Scripts and data for estimating quantile equivalence of the arsenic contamination data (Manly 2004) with the quantreg package in R.

2016-08-04T12:12:32Z (GMT) by Brian S. Cade

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manlyars.rtf is a text file with commands for implementing the quantile regression analyses on the arsenic data in the text file manlyars2.csv using the quantreg package in R.

Column 1: LNARSENIC - natural log of arsenic concentration,
Column 2: SITE - an indicator variable with a 1 for treated and 0 for control sites,
Column 3: WT - weights used in analysis.

Literature Cited

Manly, B. F. J. 2004. One-sided tests of bioequivalence with nonnormal distributions and unequal variance. Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics 9:270–283.