Supplement 1. Source code for simulation model, simulation readme, and associated parameter files.

File List

fish.jar (md5: d366caa56781738816a87f7b31bf5226)
fish.src.jar (md5: 387da049a0c835710df147f6d03cfe99)
fish_stats.txt (md5: e437e19552b37e20871097ff259cbe8a)
sim_parameters.txt (md5: 093ccbfb4f6c1642172d6cdd067f35ab)
readme.pdf (md5: 57659754dff53bdd4fa07ebbc88e3973)


fish.jar contains the compiled program to run simulation model used in paper.
fish.src.jar contains the Java source for simulation model used in paper.
fish_stats.txt contains parameter values for simulation fish/fishes.
sim_parameters.txt contains parameter values for the full simulation.
readme.pdf contains instruction for operation of the simulation.