Supplement 1. The data and R source describing statistical analyses (particularly the information-theoretic approach).

2016-08-04T13:38:29Z (GMT) by Cristian Correa Andrew P. Hendry

File List

Galaxias_eclipsed_by_aliens-RCode.R (md5: fc6e794b5c6fc3d6aeddf0a0e9e2f7cd)

Galaxias_eclipsed_by_aliens-Data.csv (md5: 9686361dbb5fe4416852e983afa7b334)


The R source code “Galaxias_eclipsed_by_aliens-RCode.R” is used to manipulate and analyze the data contained in the “Galaxias_eclipsed_by_aliens-Data.csv” file. Specifically, the code imports the data; conducts principal component analyses on fish catch-per-unit effort (CPUE) data and calculates the fish’s indices of abundance; compares environmental variables between invaded and uninvaded lakes; fits all models in the model set (Table 1, main article); rank the fitted models and produces an AICc table; and examines the properties of the top-ten models (those ranked superior to the naïve model). A similar analysis is also conducted using CPUE data in stead of indices of abundance. Throughout the data manipulation and analysis, the code produces multiple tables and plots that help visualizing and interpreting the results. 

The data file contains the following variables as specified in the paper (see also the Appendices):

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