Dataset for: Analysis of transcriptional response in zebrafish eleutheroembryos exposed to climbazole: signaling pathways and potential biomarkers

Posted on 2022-01-24 - 15:42 authored by Wiley Admin
Climbazole is an antifungal active ingredient used in personal care products. After application, this chemical reaches the aquatic environment and may pose a risk to fish. Here, we measured the transcriptional effects of essential genes related to a wide range of signaling pathways on zebrafish eleutheroembryos exposed to climbazole at environmentally relevant and predicted worst-case environmental concentrations, and explored the potential biomarkers via partial least squares discriminant analysis. Transcription analysis covering up to 73 genes revealed significant down-regulation of circadian rhythm- and steroidogenesis-related genes in zebrafish embryos-larvae after exposure to environmentally relevant concentrations of climbazole. Climbazole also modulated the transcripts of genes involved in inflammation, oxidative stress, oocyte maturation and sexual differentiation at predicted worst-case environmental concentrations. Besides, mprα, igf3, nr1d1, nr1d2b, cyp19a1a, vtg1, il-1β, and il-8 were chosen as potential biomarkers in embryonic zebrafish following exposure to climbazole. These findings can help us understand the remarkable transcriptional response to climbazole in the early life stage of zebrafish. Upcoming researches should elucidate whether the transcriptional modulation translates into metabolic phenotypes associated with the corresponding signaling pathways.


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